Quick Message :)

Quick Message :)

Hi, everyone!

I am writing to let you know that I am making some changes on my website {to make it awesome!}, and I’ll hold the posts for now. 😕

It won’t take too long, and I’ll make sure I don’t lose you. You will get a notification from me about the new blog – it will be the same, only better! 😃

If you are following my journey about my home office {you can find week o1 and o2 here} , let me tell you… It’s almost done! Just a few more details to go, and here comes a sneak peek for you! 

You will get all the details soon!

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Btw, I joined the broadcasts world on Periscope, and I’m planning to be live pretty soon! Join me there too!

You can find me everywhere as @iamaneataholic 💁🏻

Thank you for your patience, and see you later! 😎

– Izabelle Azevedo, the Professional Organizer behind Neat-a-Holic Solutions. 

Tag – Meeting New Blogs

Tag – Meeting New Blogs

Today I am bringing something different. I’ve been tagged by Fátima Teixeira {a very nice Portuguese lady who lives in Canada, and writes at Musica Com Cafe} to answer a few questions. This way, we get to know a little about each other {and you get to know a little about me}, while sharing blogs!

I never introduced myself {besides my name and what I do}, but if you go on my About page, you can get some information about me, and why I became a Professional Organizer. Well, these little things I am sharing here today, you won’t find there though… 🙂

  • Questions from Fátima to ME:

1. What makes you happy?

Getting a reason to wake up every morning and doing something that I am really passionate about. Dessert also makes me really happy!

2. What person you admire the most and why?

My mom. She’s a strong person and have been through a lot, still strong and kind.

3. In what sense do you make “less is more” true in your life?

In everything, but joy! Less makeup, less stuff, less overthinking (still working on this one). I heard this one day and I carry this in my mind since then: “simplicity and sophistication”, and you can make the best from simplicity! The only thing you need more is joy!

4. From your options to get new things or toss them, which one was the most important?

Wow! Ok… Well, I had to get rid of many things in order to move from a country to another (yes, I came from Brazil). Since I’ve done this 3 times now (yes, I moved to the US 3 times – and back to Brazil twice), the last one wasn’t that difficult anymore. Getting rid of things is important, because you get attached to things somehow.

5. How do you evaluate yourself between who you are and who you would like to be?

Though I am already proud of what and where I’ve got so far, I think I have a lot to improve on myself. It will be a long journey of learning and mistakes to make, but recognizing what we’ve got wrong and doing something to change it is already a big step.

6. About those who you want to give attention, do you feel like you are able to do so?

Right now, yes. 🙂

7. How do you react when someone you like messes up with your stuff?

This is my weakness! I hate when someone goes over my belongings without asking, even more when they leave it a mess. Even if it’s the kitchen! 😛

8. What song identifies you at this moment?

Good question! I don’t have one right now… How did it happen? Haha

9. What instrument would you choose if you could learn it today?

Just one? I can’t do just one… The keyboard, the violin, the guitar.

10. If you could do something good today, with a great amount of money, what would you do?

I would help children who suffer from starvation and/or abuse, taking them to a safe place where they could get education, food and a play area to do what children do: play, grow, and be children!

  • Instructions: 

Answer all the questions from who tagged you;
Create 10 new different questions for the bloggers you chose to tag;
Tag 3-10 blogs to answer those questions and, of course, let them know about it.

  • My questions:

1. Do you have pet peeves? What is/are it/them?

2. What is a strong quality you can say that you have?

3. What is a personal flaw that you have?

4. Are you an organized person?

5. Do you think an organized environment can bring good things to you? How?

6. Are you a good timing manager?

7. Are you a consumer? What are your favorite things to buy?

8. Would you share 2 personal goals?

9. How do you see yourself 5 years from now?

10. If you could change something in your life today, what would it be?

  • Today I am tagging

Organized By Nicole | Simply Organized By George Organizing | Amber Tackles |

Hope you had some fun reading my asnwers and getting to know a little more about me!
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Putting Up My Home Office – Week 02

Putting Up My Home Office – Week 02

This week was to clean, make some decisions and take some action…

( X ) Cleaning 

( ? ) Walls

( X ) Furniture

(  ) Decoration

(  ) Ready, Set, Go

I started cleaning and, although it is a small space, it’s the basement, and it was barely being used, even as a storage room. The walls and ceiling were getting naturally prepared for Halloween! It wasn’t that bad and the deep cleaning took me less than two hours.
I am trying to save money on this, so I’ve been looking for furniture on Craigslist. And after getting no answer from some ads, and giving up a few other, I finally got a desk, a chair and even a side table {all in great condition} for $55! I also got a 6 cube storage shelf + 2 cube bins for $22 from Walmart.
The walls definitely needed some treatment, and my first thought was to use gift wrap as wallpaper. I’ve seen people done this before, and I actually found a very nice guide guide for that. It would be very cool, but it would also go over my budget. Plus, the humidity {from a sort of unfinished basement} would probably mess it up pretty soon… I gave up. {But you can still do it using the guide I am sharing with you!}

Painting the walls the regular way sounded to predictable to me, but that was my option now. And when I was trying to decide the color… a light!


The idea just popped when I was doing the cleaning… “What if I use crayons???” I did not see this online {and when I looked up for a tutorial, I found just one, not helpful video – and many to get the crayon OFF the wall}. It doesn’t hurt to try, not even in my pocket {and now I even know how to remove it! Lol}.
So I went to target, got some boxes of crayons, came home, and got started. Just like that.

Do you want to check the results + how I did it? {And IF it worked out} Click here. {Don’t forget to subscribe}

I am very excited to share the week 03 already! I’m planning on having everything set by then! Fingers crossed!

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Toss Or Keep It Party – Organizing The Closet

Toss Or Keep It Party – Organizing The Closet

If you are {still} going to take your spring/summer clothes/shoes out of the closet to get the fall/winter back {or even if you already did} you might as well stop to re-think what is staying, and what isn’t.

This is a great opportunity to SORT: Sort, Offload, Relocate and Toss! These decisions aren’t simple, but they are necessary {specially if your intention is to buy some new ones}. 😉

Do you wanna make it fun? Invite your gals {or dudes!} to help you while drinking some wine! Have a
“Toss Or Keep It Party” 

Carrie Bradshaw did…

To start, take everything out of your closet – YES! Everything!

You got everything out? Time to do the ‘SORT’! For that, we are going to separate things in three piles: one to Keep, one to relocate, and one to Toss {for the items you are selling($$$), donating or trashing – you can decide later}. Do you have some spare boxes? Do you mind using some trash bags? You will need it to put the items that won’t be back in your closet. The rest can be on your bed, right?

Also, this is the time to have the party! Make the decluttering fun! You are by yourself?
Put on some music and pour a glass of wine {or juice} or tequila!

It isn’t an easy task, my dear, but only you can do it!

When you ready deciding what to keep, it’s time for the second round: organizing!

It doesn’t matter if you have a small {like me} or a walk-in closet, it is possible, it is better, it is good to be organized {and you will love it!}. If you have a walk-in closet, you got no excuses!

Hang clothes by category: night dresses, day dresses, long/short sleeve shirts, skirts, pants. You decide where to start and what goes after what, but separating your clothes {and keeping it this way} will help you finding/deciding what you need faster, and you won’t forget about any pieces.

Hang your scarves: if you don’t have the scarf hanger, you can use a regular one. Just put the lighter ones in the middle to balance, so it doesn’t bend. Use as many hangers as you need. Choose a good spot to hang them {I centralize it}.

Jeans: if you have a dresser, they may fit better there. You can also categorize them by color or model, even put the ones you know you use the most on the top.

Underwear, pjs, under shirts: dresser or drawers/bins. Use dividers to help you keeping them organized inside the drawers. It can get really messy!

Socks and tights: I always keep the pairs of socks together, and I separate them by color/propose. I roll the tights, not only to keep them organized, but to prevent damage.

Shoes: if you don’t have a shoe rack or a system to keep them organized, you might want to get one. You can choose it according to the space you have, either the shoe rack or even some boxes to put up on a shelf. Just don’t let your shoes in a pile. They will last longer and you will know exactly where each pair is when organized. If you kept them on the original boxes, it also works, as long as you know where to find it. I have a shoe rack hanging behind my closet’s door that works for me, and maximizes the space {btw, here is a time lapse video of me assembling it}.

Jewelry: here you have many options… I have a Hanging Organizer where I set silver in one side and gold/old gold on the other, so I can see them all. If you have special/expensive/fancy jewelry, you might want to keep them in a nice box to preserve them.

Bags/purse: I don’t have a hanger for mine, so I leave some {that I use the most} out of the closet hanging on the coats rack. The rest I keep in my stack basket. You can also use boxes or bins, or this large shoe rack.

Did I forget anything? I hope not…
Let’s go back to the Toss pile? OMG NO YES From there, you can pick the items you could still sell {yard sales, or eBay, for example}, and the ones you can’t, you could donate {make others happy and even maybe get some tax deduction}. What isn’t good even to donate can go to regular trash.

Do not even think about getting them back from the dead! If you decided to get rid of it, you no longer need it.

OMG! This is going to make your life so much easier and you will be so proud of yourself after this! Don’t forget to share your thoughts/results with me here!

Although I provided some links so you can have an idea of what I am talking about, I also uploaded a video showing my closet/dresser. You can check it out {and subscribe} here 😉

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Putting Up My Home Office – Week 01

Putting Up My Home Office – Week 01


As you know, I have a Mobile Home Office, very organized, but I felt like I needed a little bit more space to put my files, to set up a desk, and even to store my arts&crafts material. That is why I started thinking about arranging a space for myself in our well sized basement.

So yesterday, inspired by the “#MotivationMonday”, I went downstairs and picked a room to call mine!

Yes, I can
Yes, I can

The next step was moving these instruments away, and I needed to organize the other room first (with a huge set of drums – my Mr. is a musician). So I did.


I couldn’t do much, but enough to empty the one I’ll need.

The next steps are cleaning, treating the walls, putting up furniture and decorating.

Let’s see what happens…

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Organize Your Workplace By “The Secret Of Tidying Up”

Organize Your Workplace By “The Secret Of Tidying Up”


I recently read the book “The Secret Of Tidying Up” by Kim Tyler, and I gave it 5 stars on Amazon, because it is great! I strongly recommend it if you want some tips on how to get your life organized.
But before you get it (if you decide to do so), I would like to share some words from chapter 6, which talks about organizing your workspace. And I totally agree with the author about how important it is – for all the reasons we already know (read more here). She also mentions that “an organized work space can show how professional you are. When everything is organized, you will have more focus in dealing with your tasks and you will be able to remember the important tasks more.” – can you find any cons on that? I definitely cannot.

Taking action:

Kim makes suggestions on how to tidy the drawers and cabinets, desk, computer files, and personal items.

Starting with the drawers and cabinets, she says that we need to declutter and discard all the items we no longer use, including papers that now have no significance. Sorting is the #1 rule before starting organizing any place, so we can toss or replace the things in order to get it neat. After discarding, it is time to “group your things according to category”. She then suggests placing the pens and pencils in a pencil case, grouping books and papers according to task, and using labels for the plan files or/and alphabetically for easy finding. I would add some dividers and drawer organizers depending on what you store, to keep it as organized as it can be, and easy to find what you need.

So #1 – sort and discard, #2 – categorize, #3 – place items

Moving on to your desk, Kim tells us to clear it from “unnecessary things, leaving the essential ones only to maximize space and minimize clutter and distractions.” She suggests (and I totally agree) we should have an organizer for pens and pencils, a trash bin near the desk (this one I think is essential), and if the desk has drawers, we should place the items we use more often at the topmost (and this applies for any cabinets drawers and shelves I guess). From my experience, I think all the spots discussed here are important, but we spend most of the time on our desk (when in the office, usually), and it is sooooo much better to work when it is clear and organized. Trust me.

Computer files are my least favorite, but not least important. The advice Kim offers in this book is to get an external hard drive to put the files that you don’t need but still want to keep, and also a copy of the very important ones. Try to reduce the files on desktop to a minimum and get rid of the “programs and softwares you don’t really use to save space and for improved functionality that can increase your productivity and time efficiency”. Of course we are NOT talking about a home office, but if this is your case (like it is mine), you can still use these tips, right? Same about personal items. She tells us to place them in one area, like the bottom drawer of your desk, a cabinet or a shelf. I would add to remember to keep only the stuff you may need.

This is a short description of what you can do to organize your workspace, but feel free to contact us or leave a question. I will post about how I made our home office (pic above) a better place to work. Stay tuned and sign up to be the first to know about our posts 😉

NOTE: This post is based on chapter 6 of “The Secret Of Tidying Up” by Kim Tyler.

I am Izabelle Azevedo, Professional Organizer at Neat-a-Holic Solutions



Hello, everyone!

The hashtag inspired me to share some tips today! So I picked 3 blogs-great-finds from Pinterest! I looooove pinning and I am kinda of addicted to it though I’m on a rehab now lol.


1. Of course the first one has to be about organizing/de-cluttering! This post has the key to get an organized home in 31 days! Amazing. Check it out on Home Organizing 31 Day Detox Diet Challenge

2. home decor is a passion I have since I was little (and I think it goes great with my organizing talents). So I picked these inspiring posts to share with you!

– need some help decorationg the walls? Here: Dozens of ideas and a little more HERE.

– what about 31 DIY ideas to make your home look more expensive?

– some Ideas to decorate a bathroom can also be good, right?

3. I love DIY projects! Do you?

– ever though about making your own cellphone cases? Well… These are under $2 and is one of my favorites finds!

– Have you ever thought about using your Bottle caps as photo frame?

– And what about these gifts in a jar ideas?

To see the tips, you need to access the links. And I guarantee you won’t regret it! Now… Do you have any tips you would like to share for next Tuesday?

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I am Izabelle Azevedo – Professional Organizer at Neat-a-Holic Solutions